How many times did you want to do something, try something new, take a chance...and let something stop you. Sometimes, we suppress our creativity and individual self expression. 

Aliens are not from outer space.  Alien is that foreign feeling within us all, something unknown, the unexplored...

Wicky is the wild, impulsive, animal nature within us...

GPX represents our rational self, the analytic side, the cautious one.

Colo represents our creative oneness, an aligned awareness that “we are all different, AND we are all the same” As physical beings and emotional beings trying to connect with the alien / foreign feelings within.

‘You are already there’ 

You’re navigating the unknown and dancing with it, through it, in it. You are constantly transforming, evolving, growing. You are alive. 

This is it.

Exist simply to exist.  This project is a creative expression from small team of humans at We Love Colors.  We hope you enjoyed ! 

Thank you to each person involved in making this happen

Human Models

Nina  - @strappedupwiththatnina 

Nelisa - @nelisaalondra

Wolves - @callherwolves

Nika - @justbeingnika

Ios - @iosferrer

Kennah - @justariverbed

Zoe - @cosmozo

Wilhelm - @w.lhelm

Nico - @nicozeliks

Cynthia - @cynthiaafranco

Drew - @drew__baptiste

Val - @valeraartwork

Donnatonni - @donnatoni 

Kid 1- Sapphire 

Kid 2 - Lyanna

Kid 3 - Gabo

Alien Models

Ace - @acehaxil

Bryce - @brycedonnerdesign

Arielle - @ariellewolff


Photography - Tania / @TQphoto

Art Director - Jessica / @greenbetty 

Camera - Alex / @legendaryalex

PA - Lauren / @laurenkellyconway

Alien Makeup - Lina / @lina_make_you

Humans Makeup - Harol / @harolprado

BTS camera - April / @april_nicole_creative

Voice Over - Afrobeta / @afrobeta 

Costume Fabricator - Janelle / @seams.come.true

Special Thanks to Alessandro Gozzo, Shannon Fabrics and Vero Loyola for their support.