We’re bringing our factory to you! After working on this for a while in secret, our team at We Love Colors, is beyond ecstatic to announce the launch of our Color Pills! Color Pills are DIY dye kits that consist of our professional acid dyes packaged in cute pill form, to take the guessing out of measuring.

They may be little, but they pack a punch! Inside each pill is 1 gram of professional grade dye that is meant for Nylon. They come in three colors, Red, Royal Blue & Yellow. So, you can mix and match to create any color you can think of! We can’t wait to get these into your hands to play with. Create your own custom colors from the comfort of your home!

IMPORTANT: Make sure the garment you are dyeing is made out of nylon or nylon / spandex and soak it previously in water so it absorbs the dye easier. Thank you. That’s a Pro tip ;).


  • Garments must be clean before you dyeing them.
  • Find a cooking pot large enough to fit the garment you want to dye so that it completely submerges in water.
  • Drop your color pills in the water and stir until they are completely dissolved. (the casing will dissolve, or alternatively, you can pop them open and pour the contents directly in the water if you choose, this second option is good if you are not very patient)
  • Add your fabric or garments into the water and bring them to a boil
  • Once boiling add a ½ cup of white vinegar
  • Stir constantly and boil for 30 minutes to obtain an even color. Keep the water boiling the whole time. The longer you boil it the deeper the shade.
  • Once you achieve your desired shade dump the hot water in the sink and rinse the garments with cold running water until the water is clear.
  • Put the garments in a bucket or pot with warm water and add fabric softer.

Please note: When you want to launder it, try to wash it on it’s own or with similar colors. Colors may bleed.

Interested? Here are some We Love Colors products you can try it with:

Long Matte Seamless Gloves , Adult Tights , Fishnet Tights , Kids Tights, Kids Dancewear .

To achieve the deepest shade possible with each color use the following formula to dye 100 grams of fabric. If you want a lighter shade you use half or less of the recommended qty.

Royal 3.5 pills
Red 4.0 pills
Yellow 4.5 pills

For our nylon products please reference the following weight measurements:
We Love Colors Products Average Weight (Grams)
Adult Tights 64 gr
Kids Tights 28 gr
Adult Socks 51 gr
Kids Socks 17 gr
Adult Fishnets 29 gr
Kids Fishnets 38 gr
Adult Leotards 229 gr
Kids Leotards 129 gr
Adult Unitard 254 gr
Kids Unitard 171 gr
Adult Gloves 29 gr
Kids Gloves 13 gr

Keep away from children.
Avoid contact with the eye and / or inhalation
Do not ingest.
Wear a mask, safety glasses and gloves when using this product.


Human Hair Extensions dyed using our Color Pills